Marketing Strategies for Landscapers

Marketing strategies for landscapers

Our 8 Key Marketing Strategies for Your Landscaping Company

It’s important to have a complete plan composed of several elements to successfully market your landscaping company. In planting a new lawn, you would not simply show up to a job and haphazardly throw hand fulls of seed around. As you know, it first begins with advanced planning.  Ignoring the foundation will lead to future problems.The same is true for your marketing plan. It takes a well thought out strategy to be successful. As a result, we have developed the Marketing Success Strategy. It forms the marketing plan that we develop for our clients.

Let’s take a look at each of the elements that we implement:

Branding landscape company

1- Branding.  It’s the foundation upon which all of your marketing is created.

Many landscapers often refer to marketing and branding as if they were the same thing, however they are different.Having a well defined brand is essential in the creating of all your marketing.  Our article “Branding Your Landscaping Company” goes into the details.Branding is tactical and goes deeper than marketing. Marketing campaigns end, and your brand is what remains. As a result, it is a key element of our Marketing Success Strategy.Our team of branding experts will develop a strategy to ensure that your brand is strong, clearly established and consistently communicated, throughout all areas of your landscaping business.

websites for landscapers

2- Website.  Your landscape company’s most powerful marketing asset is your website.

You are losing potential clients and revenue if your website is not properly designed, structured and continually optimized.

Our website strategy provides you with a powerfully designed website that is built on the proper foundation which is essential for maximum exposure in the search engines, increased conversion rate (leading visitors to contact you) and increased revenue.Our marketing profitability assessment will provide you with an  extensive analysis of your current website. Through this report, we will show you how your website can be maximized to bring you more leads, more sales and increased profits.

Reviews graphic

3- Reviews & Reputation.  Managing these are critical for the health and growth of your business.

Your online reviews and your reputation are vital elements that help determine your placement and ranking in the search engines.In addition, your potential clients make decisions about your landscaping business every day based on these factors. In fact, your star rating is the #1 factor used by consumers to judge your business.Our review and reputation strategy generates reviews from your clients based on the site that will have the most impact on your business.Your reputation is constantly monitored and your own central dashboard keeps you instantly aware of all your reviews.

irectories and citations graphic

4- Directories & Citations.  Visibility and accuracy in your listings are a must.

People search today on Google, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and more! It doesn’t matter which map, app, voice search tool, digital assistant, search engine, or social network consumers use to find and engage with your landscaping business. What matters is that they discover accurate, complete, and compelling information.Our Directories and Citations strategy allows you to be found everywhere that consumers search. We assure that your listings are branded, accurate and optimized for the search engines.

Video marketing graphic

5- Video Marketing. Video is a powerful way to attract prospects.

Video offers a powerful and cost effective way to reach more prospects for your landscaping business as well as provide education for your clients.

Video is proven to boost conversion and sales. It also builds trust, creates brand awareness, engages the viewer. In addition, it increases your rankings in the search engines.Our video marketing strategy consists of professional video production, optimization for the search engines and syndication throughout the web.

Social media for landscapers

6- Social Media.  Provides Word-of-mouth promotion quickly and effectively.

Social media continues to grow at a rapid pace and plays an important role in marketing your landscaping company. It increases your brand awareness and loyalty, helps generate higher converting leads, provides rich customer experiences, increases traffic to your website and improves your search rankings.

It is key to have a consistent, up to date strategy for creating and sharing new posts, photographs and videos. Our social media marketing strategy implements it all and puts your company in the forefront of your prospects and customers.

Online.Offline Graphic

7- Online and Offline Advertising. Combining both for a powerful campaign.

The most effective strategy to market your landscape business utilizes a combination of both online and offline advertising.We provide services that include re-targeting, display ad campaigns, reputation marketing, pay per click management, email marketing as well as printed media design & printing, yard signs, direct mail marketing and more.

Advertising should be an investment. We carefully review and analyze your company and its goals to implement a campaign that provides a positive R-O-I for your company.


8- Repeat and Referral. Retaining clients and getting new ones.

Growing your landscaping company requires meeting the needs of your current clients as well as generating new clients.In today’s competitive marketplace it’s imperative to go beyond simply satisfying your clients. Our success strategy for repeat business and referrals is based on creating raving fans who eagerly share your company with others. As a result, you have happy clients and a thriving business.

In summary, having a comprehensive marketing plan in place is necessary for continued growth. We’ll be happy to discuss your marketing needs and help you put your marketing on auto-pilot. Call us at 1-888-979-3870 or contact us here.