How to Accelerate your Lead Flow Via PPC for Landscape Contractors

Learn the Latest Pay-Per-Click Strategies for your Landscaping Company

PPC Advertising

PPC is the key to unlimited scalability in terms of lead-flow for your Landscaping business.With paid search you have a lever that you can turn on demand to increase traffic and calls for your Landscape company.

Watch the webinar replay:

Watch this training and..

  • Discover how the Google Ads engine works – You have to understand how the Google Ads auction process works if you intend to succeed with paid search -quality & relevance is the answer.
  • learn the secrets to maximizing quality score – In order to drive lower cost per click & ultimately cost per lead – Ad Groups, the right keywords, compelling text ads, site links & strategic landing pages are critical.
  • Learn the mistakes to avoid – We will show you how to effectively structure your campaigns and the critical mistakes to avoid.

Are you ready to learn how to take your landscape company to the next level? If you answered Yes, then schedule your strategy session today!

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Schedule your Lead Generation Session and receive a complete…

Internet Marketing 
Success Strategy Session!

This is a custom-tailored plan so you can generate more leads, sales and profits. My team of trained online marketing experts and I will do the following for you:

Build a customer Keyword List. The list is based on your services, service area and search trends. We’ll use our state-of-the-art tools to find the most searched-for landscaping services and keywords. And we’ll show you which keywords will drive the most traffic to your website. (Valued at $197.)

Run a Ranking Report. You’ll see exactly where your company currently ranks online for those “money” keywords… that… will bring in hot prospects. (Valued at $97.)

Review Your Website Optimization. You get a complete analysis and explanation of why your website is not ranking at the top of the search engines. More importantly, we’ll show you how to launch it to the top so your best prospects see it. (Valued at $97.)

Review Your Website Conversion . You’ll discover what might be turning website visitors off… and… how to turn them into incoming calls. (valued at $97.)

Your Local Internet Marketing Domination Plan. We will outline step-by-step how you can leverage the internet for more calls, leads and profits.  (valued at $197.) This is not a “cookie-cutter” plan… but rather…

A Specific Blueprint For
 YOUR Business, YOUR Website 
And YOUR Particular Service Area!

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