Tips to Generate Referrals For Your Landscaping Business

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Referral marketing for Landscaping

Do you have a program to Systematically gain quality referrals from your current clients? 

 FACT: Referrals convert better and earn your trust much quicker

Referrals come much more naturally and easily when your clients are happy and are excited about referring you to their friends and family.

Since you’re doing such a great job taking care of your clients and keeping them happy, the next best thing you can do is set up systems to maximize the benefit you get from them. The goal is to have your clients help by marketing for you!

It's well known that if you just leave it up to your clients to do referrals for you, very few will—even if they are very happy with you. You have to make it very easy—almost effortless—for your clients to refer your company you really want to maximize the referrals you generate from them.

A study from Lee Resource Inc. found that attracting new clients can cost five times as much as keeping an existing one. Referrals make great clients. Every Landscaper wants referrals because they help save money on marketing, right? Well, there’s even more to gain from referrals than cost savings. According to a case study noted in the Harvard Business Review, clients that come from referrals are, on average, about 18 percent more likely than others to stay with a company and they generate 16 percent more in profits! As you are probably already aware,  new customers that come as a referral from a friend make better clients.

Here are some ideas to help generate referrals:

    •  Don't assume that your clients know that you have an interest in bringing in more clients and growing your accounts. Add a line to your invoices that say something along the lines of: "Thank you for your referrals. The ultimate compliment that you can give us is telling your friends and family about us."  Your newsletter is also a great place to share this message.
    • Keep your ears open and train your employees to do the same. When a client mentions that they know someone that could use your services, don't just assume that they will be telling them about you anytime soon. Instead be prepared to ask if you can drop them a note, an email or give them a card for a new customer special, etc. Give it some thought and develop a  plan that you can effortlessly put in place. 
    • Create a directory of services offered by your clients and other professionals. Use your newsletter, email, etc to get the word out about the directory that you are creating.
    • Create a refer a friend program. Make it a win-win for your client and their friend. Make it easy for them to refer others and include an area on your web site that makes it easy for them to do so.

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