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Facebook marketing for landscapers

Using Facebook to Grow Your Landscaping Business

Social Media Marketing

As many of you know, Facebook has millions of active users, over 800 million users daily actually. That doesn’t even include how many times a day these users are clicking away on different Facebook pages. It’s no wonder that many companies are creating Facebook pages daily.Here are just a few ways using daily posts can help your business.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising for Landscapers

There are many ways to use the advertising force of Facebook. Here are just a few benefits to using Facebook in your marketing plan.

1) Bring Clients to Your Website- Facebook pages and posts can quickly bring more traffic to your website. More traffic results in more clients for your company, and of course more clients create more business.Share content that is valuable to your reader. Include a link to your website in your post and create interest for them to visit your website.

2) Interaction with Clientele- An active Facebook page gives you the opportunity to interact with you customers almost immediately. You can easily answer questions, provide information, and even soothe any issues. Many clients appreciate personal interaction with businesses. Personal contact with your clients creates a loyal customer base that will not only stick with your business, but also refer you to their friends.

3) Share Specials and Products- The landscaping business changes more than most other businesses. Your products depend on crops and seasonal growth schedules. Facebook pages give you an opportunity to market these changes to your clients. Whether you have a product you need to push or a service you are wanting to highlight, Facebook is the perfect place to do it. If you aren’t sure how to navigate social media, Success Landscape Marketing is here to help get you started and keep your social media pages rolling.

4) Interesting Content that Attracts New Clients- People spend a lot of time clicking on stories and blog posts on Facebook. When you post appealing content, your clients will share or like those posts with other potential clients. Make sure the content is fresh, interesting, and not completely focused on your company, it will draw more people in.

5) Run Competitions and Contests- People love a contest and Facebook pages give you the best opportunity to attract new clients and invigorate old clients. A fun contest can also help you with overstocked products or boost business during slow seasons.

6) Provide Quick, Easy Access to Company Information- We all look into businesses online and Facebook is one of the easiest ways to get your company information out to a wide audience. Your company website, services, pictures of your work and any specials you might have can be seconds away from potential clients. Our team can help you create attractive and up to date social media pages.

7) Track Which Ads or Content is Working- Another excellent benefit to using Facebook posts and pages is how great they are at tracking what works for your business. Whether its likes, shares or just simply calls on the products used in posts, Facebook makes following trends and business needs incredibly easy. Once you see what works, you can use those tools to keep your business growing and your clients happy.

Business Blooms with Facebook Pages and Posts

Your business can grow in leaps and bounds with the perfect Facebook plan. Let us help you design your page, get your posts started and even help with tracking your success. Success Landscape Marketing is here to get you started on the path to a blooming business with our Facebook and social media services. Call us today at… or contact us online. We can’t wait to get you started reaping in the benefits of a social media marketing plan.