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How to add a post to your Google My Business listing

Google My Business

An effective way to highlight the Google My Business listing for your landscaping company is to create a post right inside your Google My Business dashboard.
The post that you create will be prominently displayed in your business listing.

You can create a general post or one for a special event, sale or a call to action, such as signing up for your newsletter.

This is a great way to place your timely content in front of your prospects and customers when they find your business listing on Google. It just takes 4 easy steps to publish your post.

1- Sign into Google My Business and select your location.

2- From Desktop: Click "Create post" Or click "Posts" from the menu.
     From Mobile: Tap the create icon "+" then tap the posts icon that appears.

3- The "Create Post" screen will now appear. Here, you can use the options to add photos, text, events, and a button to your post. Simply click each field and add the relevant information.

4- Once you have created your post, click "Preview" and you will see a preview of the post. If everything looks good, click "Publish" in the top right corner of the screen.

SUCCESS! Your post will now appear to your prospects and customers on Google Search and Maps in just a few moments.

To keep post timely, they are removed from their default view after 7 days (or when the the event date referenced in the post has passed. ) However, a historical view of posts is shown under the "Posts" tab on mobile.

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Google My Business Text messages

How to Add Text Messaging to Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business

In our Landscapers' Ultimate Guide to Google My Business we walk through the steps to to claiming your Google My Business listing. We cover how to optimize your listing and we explore the dashboard and all of the Google My Business Features.

The next step is to getting your landscaping business ranked on page one of the Google Maps. Learn and implement each of  the steps in our video: Google Maps: Getting Ranked.

After your Google My Business dashboard is all in place, you can take advantage of the many options such as adding new photographs, new Google posts and adding text messaging to your Google My Business listing. 

The "Marketing Minute" below quickly covers these steps to get you set-up for adding the text messaging option to your Google My Business listing:

1- Sign into your Goggle My Business page.

2- Select the messaging button in the home menu.
3- Provide a phone number that can receive SMS text messages.
Make sure this is phone that you can easily use to reposnd to requests.
Your actual cell phone number will not be visible, Google will provide an alternate number.
4- Messaging can be turned off and on in your Google My Business dashboard. Select chat and toggle between off/on.
5- You are all set! 

It's a quick and easy process, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will also be happy to answer any questions that you have on marketing your landscaping company.

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